Wednesday, June 17


A list shall clear things up!

• Internet
• Brain
• Patience
• Caffeine
• Pressure
• Procrastination

Basically, our Internet has gone over the limit by $50 or more. Being banned from the Internet is the most excruciating experience in the world. I know what you're thinking, 'you dumasss how can u be typin dis den HUH?'. Well using my phone to blog is equally excruciating. My fat fingers can not be accommodated by the tiny keyboard and my typing speed is horrendously slow. I will live but it is still frustrating!

I guess being banned is good for it adds time to homework and study. The bad part is I still manage to heavily procrastinate. Also adds to my frustration. My homework session literally fried my brain - I'm frustrated because I know that study = fail and I have two chances to fail tomorrow.

Frustrated because I can't sleep. It is 3:00 or so and the amount of coffee I have consumed has failed to serve and paradoxically, simultaneously and annoyingly over serve it's purpose. It did not help me earlier and it kicks in now. That is my fault and I'm kicking myself for it.

I give up typing this blogpost. It's too much for my phone to handle. I shall post a proper post once I get my Internet back.

Monday, June 8

Sad Birds

Thank God for the french impressionist movement. This is an amazing piece called Sad Birds, composed by Maurice Ravel. My mate Amee will be playing this as part of her VCE music repertoire. I cannot wait to hear this straight from her fingers.


Mood is something that is, at times, difficult to deal with. There is so much on my plate right now and simply not enough time or motivation to complete all of it to the utmost standard that is expected. Here is a quick overview of what's ahead in my next two weeks:

  • 10/6: Chemistry exam
  • 11/6: General Achievement Test
  • 15/6: Methods SAC on logarithms, circular functions and others
  • 17/6: Economics SAC on fiscal policy
  • 17/6: Specialist Maths SAC on differential equations
  • 19/6: Year 12 Formal
On top of all that, I still need to find something to wear at the formal (Amee, help me out here!), go to karaoke with my specialist maths buddies, send a couple of things to some people, study my arse off.. I mean, if this is life then I'm ready to just fail. I guess I'm picking out the negatives, not that karaoke is anything of the negative nature, but overall it is how mood plays a part. It seems that mood has this annoyingly effective ability to amplify the seriousness that is involved with all of the said tasks. Why can't us humans just cruise, do what we were made to do and get it over with? Why must we experience such a rollercoaster of annoyances and barriers?

Knowing me, I'll look at this post in two weeks and think 'wow, why didn't you just suck it up and be a man' but in times of general disappointment and discouragement, complaining is the only thing you know you can do right. I'm sure everyone has gone through such a stage and can perhaps empathise with my situation. I know that success is something earned and not bought off the shelf at the local Coles, Halpa-Halli or Albert Heijn. But if you just feel like the bottom image, thinking you're taking steps in the right direction but still happen to fail, one could wish, right?