Tuesday, August 25


BAHHH. I've caved in to what another 10 million people in this lonely world have done - I made a Twitter page. I will not join all of those people who endlessly follow Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres or Ashton Kutcher. I've promised myself I won't.

My writing feels 'blotchy' today. It's not writer's block but my words don't seem to flow as well as it usually does. This is an odd feeling and I now understand that I actually do have fluent writing. It's funny how we don't notice things until it's taken away from us.

Anyway other than this, I have nothing else to write about.


Suzuti said...

haha I noticed :P I like just reading whatever you write Randy, tis weird I know. But you have this way with words that makes it really interesting and very fluent :)

hope you get over this little block soon ^^

Esther said...